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Delivering safe and reliable services through our knowledgeable and experienced workforce.

TechServ Consulting and Training, Ltd was established in November 1992. With more than 25 years in business, TechServ has expanded to include more than 400 highly experienced employees spread across the United States supporting the electric utility industry.

Some of the comprehensive services we provide include transmission construction oversight and coordination, distribution design, joint use administration, wind farm construction oversight and training. By providing a wide range of innovative electric power distribution and infrastructure services, TechServ has helped to ensure the efficiency and safety of the electrical grid throughout the United States.

TechServ has experienced tremendous growth as a result of our dedication to excellence and attention to detail. We are a registered engineering firm in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Through TechServ's diverse services, we have the ability to meet your design, consulting, or project oversite needs.


Our Services

  • Transmission and Substation

  • Electric Distribution

  • Joint Use Administration

  • Consulting

  • Storm Damage Assessment

  • Wind Farm Oversight

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